Vending is a safe way to provide refreshments to your workforce.

We also have a number of ways to help you implement Covid19 procedures around your vending area:

  • We fit antimicrobial screens to all touch keypads which protect against 99% of bacteria.
  • Our machines can be completely cashless without the need for any coins or pound-notes. You can pay by contactless card, Applepay, Androidpay, pre-payment account or App.
  • We retail certified PPE masks and gloves simply through your snack or combi vending machine. You do not need a completely new machine to supply PPE.
  • We can install social distancing stickers on and around the machines to keep people the appropriate distance apart when they are queuing at the machines.
  • Our operations team and fully equipped with the relevant PPE clothing and equipment for when they are working on site.
  • We are audited and accredited by the Automatic Vending Association and have industry-specific risk assesments for carrying out work in the current period.